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Vegetarian?? what is vegetarian. you're probably heard this word. Yeah, vegetarian is near with vegetable. the definition of vegetarian is :

Vegetarianism encompasses the practice of following plant-based diets (fruits, vegetables, etc.), with or without the inclusion of dairy products or eggs, and with the exclusion of meat (red meat, poultry, and seafood). Abstention from by-products of animal slaughter, such as animal-derived rennet and gelatin, may also be practiced. (wikipedia.org-about vegetarian).

I have to be vegetarian since a year ago. in the early days became a vegetarian, I lost a lot of weight. but it does not affect to my health. even since then little by little, my health is increasing. emotionally, I'm less and less angry. I became more patient and more tolerant to others. many articles that reveal much about the benefits of being a vegetarian, but now I will reveal to you my experience to be vegetarian for a year.

1. Benefits for our health

Lower BMI (Body Mass Index)
Do you need diet to loose weight? Be a vegetarian is a good option. As most vegetarian diets are low-fat ones (average vegetarian eats 25% fat less than a typical meat-eater), they usually effect in the lower Body Mass Index of an average vegetarian. This is probably the most visible of all benefits of vegetarianism and the main reason for many people to become a vegetarian.

Lower cholesterol level
cholesterol is one of famous caused of heart attack. Other widely noted benefits of vegetarianism is decreasing the cholesterol level (by 0.5 mmol/l) and subsequently, the decreased chance of suffering from a heart attack. However, due to the complexity of the heart attack issue, it is still sometimes argued that such decrease results from other factors than a vegetarian diet.

Longer average life expectancy
One of the best-known benefits of vegetarianism is, however, not the low probability of having a heart attack, but the longer life expectancy. Vegetarians, on average, live a little longer than the rest of us. Whatever benefits and disadvantages vegetarian diets have, it seems that they give us a little more than they take away.

2. Benefits for our mind

Every vitamin, every mineral and every food has a distinct and specific effect on our bodies and consequently on our mental function, and at a subtler level, on our attitudes. The brain is our most sensitive organ, which reacts to improper nutrition and to the presence of toxins earlier than any other system of the body. Just as no two of us have the same fingerprints, no two persons have the same biochemistry. Yet, we are enough alike for general intake of food for general well-being of both mind and body. One's diet has an effect on one's mind because the soul acts or has an experience of pleasure or pain through the medium of the brain. Dead food causes obstructions in the form of intoxication, excitement, lethargy, sleep, lustfulness and attraction towards sensuality. And the intellect becomes erratic or irresolute by being swayed by the mind and the senses. And when the intellect isn't pure, awake, balanced and righteous, it cannot draw might and bliss from the “Supreme Soul” and cannot distinguish properly between good and evil, true and false

For me, it is the benefits of vegetarian for our mind

Purify your mind
There is so many bad energy from animal because it feels the pain when killed. Not only that, its stress when still life affect to your energy when and after you eat it. avoid eating meat can lead us away from violence. we can not guarantee that all vegetarians are people impatient, but vegetarians are really effective to stabilize our emotions and clear the mind of negative things. be a vegetarian

Closer to God
Not all religions recommend a vegetarian. but we are more loved creations. plants do not have pain, but the animal is not so. we also reduce the unnecessary violence that we are more advanced spiritual path. with a clear mind, we can advance the better.

Reduce stress 
stress is the key to our minds.  if our mind is purified, it is likely to be exposed to stress will be low.

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