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It all started with a desire and dream. There are a variety of dreams and desires, but all sorts that are not really different. Why? Because all of that just to get one thing, namely happiness. Dreams and desires arise because our brains assume the intended final destination that desire can make us happy, love, or the like. But have we ever think back, what really really makes us happy?
Happiness can mean that something is really pleases us, entertaining, and simply make us feel comfortable. From another perspective, we can define that happiness is a state without anxiety, suffering, or the absence of the things that make us uncomfortable.Referring to the second definition, we could see some kind of anxiety, suffering and inconvenience, namely: birth, death, old age, and grief. We can also extend the cause of suffering as something that is not in line with expectations (desired). So, if we can overcome these inconveniences elements, it is probable that we are already happy.
The next question that should be solved is how to overcome these inconveniences.From here we can cite sloka from the Bhagavad Gita 14:20
"When living things in the body may exceed the three modes associated with the physical body, he can be freed from birth, death, old age and sorrow, until he can enjoy a drink eternity even in this life too."
Three modes are referred from the above sloka is Tri Guna, namely sattwam (goodness), rajas (passion) and tamas (ignorance). Whenever we can go beyond these natural properties, that's when we can be called happiness (drinks eternity is Amrita, could be called kebahagiaanabadi / true). It does not need us to enjoy after death, when even this life we ​​can enjoy it. The characteristics that we already enjoy happiness, among others, as mentioned below.
"Bhagavad Gita 2:21 p.m. to 2:25 p.m.Arjuna said: O beloved servant of God who, through signs where we can find people who go beyond these three natural properties? How is his behavior? How do I go beyond the natural properties?Personality of God the Almighty said: O son of Pandu, those who do not hate the lighting, bonding, and imaginary if such things exist or miss when things were gone, which was never nervous or shaken during the reaction he had experienced all the properties material nature, remain neutral and mentally, knowing that only properties that are moving; steady in the self and looked at the joys and sorrows with the same attitude; looking lump of land, a rock and a bar of gold with the same view; be the same fordesirable and undesirable; steady, the same attitude of both praise and accusation, respect and contempt; who treats friend and enemy in the same way, and have untied against all activities of all material activities, people like that is said to have exceeded the nature natural qualities. "
But it is not easy to go beyond these natural properties, to control these properties to be fully felt fine is not possible, let alone beyond it. However, nothing is impossible if God wills. We actually have hope to implement it.
"Bhagavad Gita 14:26People who pursue full devotion, and not fail in all circumstances, immediately beyond the natural properties of the material, and thus reach the level of Brahman. "
Obviously not, that achieving true happiness can be achieved with Bhakti (loving-kindness to God). Love is the thing that has incredible power. It's just really love that exists purely between God and his creation. Love in nature this material is usually different thin with lust.
We are the atman which is actually a small spark of God's spiritual sparks. We are eternal beings, simply because the agency changed its bound karma phala. If we reestablish our ties to God, we will achieve true happiness. Not to dredge the maximum profit from tourism, or raise all kinds of material living standards. What we need to do is to improve people's spiritual life.
Since the development of tourism in Bali, all material things is growing very rapidly, but our spiritual life level decreased further. In the past, all kinds of art is dedicated only to God (ngayah). A time to share work perform Bhakti to the Lord. Can we imagine how the purity of the soul of the people of Bali at the time. though perhaps in a matter of society is now more developed, but the society of those days without significant anxiety.
So what that means I am asking you to leave the life of modern times to return to the past? Absolutely not. We just need to decide, to choose what kind of happiness. True happiness is happiness that comes from relationship with God, full of knowledge and Bhakti. Ataukan want to get happiness from our material desires are achieved only a moment or a while, and tend to stimulate people to be more greedy again, because our senses can not be satisfied.
"Nitisastra sloka 13Those who leave something eternal (definitely) and the hunt for something that is not eternal (something not sure) then something eternal (surely) it becomes lost and something that is not eternal and not sure it was far - far earlier been destroyed. "

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