Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Meditation can be easy for someone who knows how to do it. But for newbie, it can be very difficult. It sounds easy, only “control your mind” or “empty your mind”, but the fact is not easy to control your mind. In first time you meditate, your mind will flying around the world, may be go to your boy/girlfriend, maybe go to school and think about your lesson, so many place can be shown in your mind.

Your mind is one thing that always thinking. Trough out your life, there is so many things you have faced. You have many problems, many things have to do, and many desire and visions. You can’t avoid this in a minute. All of those need process and time. Initially will be many difficulties, but over time all difficulties will be overcome one by one. Don’t give up. I will give u simple trick for success in meditation.

Specify a Comfortable Place

A comfortable place for each person must have been different. But in general, the place must be quiet, comfortable, good air flow, clean, and not many objects of vision. You can choose an empty room that has good ventilation or in a quiet open space. Try not many things that interfere with vision and hearing. If you want to use the object of meditation, simply the object that becomes prominent. or if using music, try other noises do not interfere with the music.

Comfortable Position

You have your own comfortable position. But I think the best position is sitting cross-legged. Back straight and eyes half closed. this is Good position in terms of blood flow and not easily tired. Other positions can be tried as long as it makes it convenient. Don't start meditation before you comfort with your position!

Use Objects or Music.

The object of meditation can be very helpful to focus the mind. A good object is an object that leads us to God. Why? Because God is a symbol of perfection. In addition, the main purpose of meditation is actually closer to God. Health, intelligence and luck is actually only an additional effect. Well according to Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhism, and Islam, all meditation is focused concentration to God.

At the time to meditate, consider the object with his eyes half open. Note the detail as possible. Don’t close your eyes, you may take asleep not meditate.

Breath Control

Good breathe is abdominal breathing. This respiratory could save energy. This is very good for health. This type of breathe using the abdomen. When stomach belly out, air entering through the nose. When the abdomen is pressed in, air out.

Setting simply by breathing normal breathing, it's just rhythm regulated. Early use of abdominal breathing not difficult, just need habituation. With time everything will be comfortable.

A Good Meditation Time

The best time for meditation is in the early morning. About 4-5 hours of the morning. Besides quiet, also does not interfere with other activities. If there is an activity carried out at that hour, meditate more in the morning.

Body and Clothing Cleanliness

Take a bath before meditation. Use loose-fitting clothing and comfortable material


  1. halo met siang. meditasi banyak diajarkan dalam yoga ya.

  2. iya mbak... pernah ikut yoga...?
    klo ada saran,blg aja y...